Career opportunities

Enabel offers employment opportunities at its head office in Brussels and in the countries where it operates. We look for staff with a variety of experiences and skills.


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Enabel hires experts in the priority themes of the Belgian governmental cooperation as well as people with field experience to supervise projects in each country. Other competences that are needed for the good functioning of Enabel are looked for too, such as human resources management, partnerships management, financial management, public procurement and grants, logistics, administrative support, communication and ICT. 


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Employment in the projects

Enabel mobilises institutional and organisational capacity development know-how to address the global challenges of climate change, human mobility, urbanisation and social and economic inequalities. 

The following are some of our domains of expertise: 

  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Digitisation
  • Governance
  • Private Sector Development 

The presence of an international project manager or an international technical expert working with local actors reflects the principle of sharing know-how. Duty stations differ by project and can be in the capital city as well as in remote and isolated areas.

A technical expert does not only have proven technical competency and actual management skills, but he or she must also be able to work together with colleagues who come from very diverse cultural backgrounds. He or she is a facilitator. His or her talent is to orchestrate, organise and plan. Enthusiasm, a spirit of enterprise and persistence increase the chances of success in cooperation.

Junior Programme

Through the Junior Programme, Enabel offers European youths an opportunity to acquire a first professional experience in international cooperation.

Employment in a country office of Enabel

Enabel has a country office in each of the 14 partner countries of governmental cooperation. Backed by a team of international and local staff, the Resident Representative assumes responsibility for Enabel in a country and guarantees, through his or her leadership of the country team and through contacts with the various partners, that the projects are excellently executed.

The Administrative and Financial Officer is responsible for administrative, financial and logistics management of the country office and the projects. He or she supports the projects from the start to the end.

The Country Portfolio Manager manages the whole of the country portfolio. He or she coordinates the projects in collaboration with the project managers in order to guarantee that the results are achieved and he or she ensures that the projects are consistent.

Opportunities for national staff

To fulfil its mission, Enabel also hires local staff. Local staff are directly involved in the implementation of projects and in key support activities (financial, accounting, administrative, security... ).

By coaching local staff and by providing training opportunities, Enabel contributes to local capacity development in the partner countries.


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Enabel regularly relies upon consultants, who are sourced through public procurement for a broad range of punctual assignments, such as:

  • Formulation missions of new projects;
  • Monitoring and evaluation missions of ongoing or completed projects;
  • Intervention, as a short-term expert, on an aspect of a project;
  • Participation to a job recruitment committee;
  • Support to a training session. 

Depending on needs and the means of the contract, consultants may be recruited on the international market or among the national experts of the country concerned. In the latter case, advertisement is usually only through media of the country concerned.


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