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Cooperation Agreement between Enabel and the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development IRD

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Brussels, 29 January 2021| The Belgian development agency Enabel and France’s Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) have signed a cooperation agreement with a view to exchanging and pooling their expertise for their respective activities.

With this agreement Enabel and IRD expand their networks at home and abroad, can share information and good practices and promote their respective activities.

IRD is a research centre that is specialised in development. It focuses on five themes, including human mobility and migration and climate change and sustainable agriculture. France’s Ministries of Research and of Foreign Affairs are the Institute’s lead ministries. 

Collaboration in human mobility (migration) and development materialises in the deployment of migration policies in three Moroccan regions (DEPOMI) with a significant research-action component involving local researchers and research institutions.    

For Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture collaboration with IRD is studied regarding the resilience of community agricultural systems in the face of climate change and regarding the management and preservation of forest, arid and lake ecosystems and ecosystem services, for instance, in the west of Niger where the REPO project aims at building resilience and social and economic stability in pastoral and agropastoral communities or in Mali’s Niger delta where the Support project to the fish value chain (PAFHA+) helps develop sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

The IRD’s expertise is complementary to expertise which Enabel can source from Belgian research institutions. Thus, three-party alliances and partnerships can be forged involving Enabel, IRD and Belgian institutions such as The Royal Museum for Central Africa, VITO, UCL, UGent or KULeuven.

"Such collaboration broadens our European scientific outlook and greatly benefits Enabel and our partners in Africa,” points out Jean Van Wetter, Enabel’s Managing director.


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