Belgium and Algeria worked together for 33 years to improve the health, the living conditions and the revenue of 35 million of Algerians. All ongoing activities have stopped in June 2019.

What we dID

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Enabel supported  Algeria to improve the protection of the environment, chosen in function of Algeria's policy priorities.

Waste management

In 2001, Algeria agreed to make significant waste management efforts. A set of legal regulations and strategies was adopted to improve performance in this respect.

Belgium supported this process and, more in particular, the development of an integrated waste management system. This included organisation of waste collection, exploitation of facilities, technical management of equipment, awareness-raising of households. The partners we worked with are the National Waste Management Agency and the actors of three wilayas (provinces): Mascara, Mostaganem and Sidi Bel Abbès. .

Environment mainstreamed in implemented sector policies

Algeria is facing a series of highly strategic environmental and land zoning challenges (scarce water resources, air pollution, climate change) with serious consequences for public health. In view of sustainable development all actors must be involved. 

Our intervention consisted in strengthening the capacities of civil society, of the ministries responsible for the environment and of public water, transportation and health sector institutions to mainstream environmental responsibility and protection in their operations and to conduct an intersectoral dialogue. 
Enabel's projects in Algeria focussed on the protection of the environment
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