Press Release - Enabel becomes Green Climate Fund partner

Enabel becomes Green Climate Fund’s first Belgian Partner

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Songdo, 7 July 2019 - Enabel, the Belgian development agency, is the first Belgian organisation to be accredited by the Green Climate Fund as a partner in the fight against climate change. With its new status Enabel will be able to undertake projects commissioned by the Green Climate Fund to combat global warming.

“We’re really happy about this news”, says Enabel’s managing director, Jean van Wetter. “Not only does this mean that Enabel can continue its engagement with themes related to climate and the environment, it’s also a recognition of our expertise in these sectors. With this partnership we can move up a gear and increase the tempo of our contribution to the global climate effort.”

The Green Climate Fund is a global UN fund, launched in 2010, to support the efforts of developing countries in tackling climate change. The Fund was assigned an important role in the 2015 Paris Agreement, in which the goal of limiting global warming to less than 2°C was established.

Enabel is the Belgian development agency that implements projects commissioned not only by the Belgian government, but also by partnerships with other donors. The agency is already collaborating with the European Commission and various European member states. “Carrying out projects for this fund is a logical step in the further expansion of other partnerships,” says Jean Van Wetter. “Moreover, we have a history of working with a number of countries on similar programmes.”

For example, in Rwanda Enabel worked with the national authorities on sustainable forestry, which is just one way to reduce the greenhouse effect and deal with climate change. Families there still often use wood as fuel, which means that logging and deforestation constitute a real problem. But by investing in building the capacity of forestry management, and also by planting new areas, deforestation can be limited or compensated.

Thanks to the accreditation by the Green Climate Fund, the Belgian development agency will be able to formulate project proposals in the area of, for instance, sustainable natural resource management, such as in Rwanda, renewable energy or sustainable agriculture. Jean Van Wetter concludes, “We will first take a look at the priorities of the Fund and the areas where Enabel can create clear added value with its expertise. We also have various partnerships in the Belgian public and private sector. This gives us the opportunity to exchange knowledge, but also to involve Belgian expertise at international level.”


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