For more than 40 years Bolivia and Belgium have worked together to fight poverty and foster economic and social growth in this Andean country.

What we do

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Bolivia is no longer a partner country of the Belgian governmental development cooperation, all activities stopped by the end of june 2019. The governmental development cooperation's exit strategy emphasised knowledge transfer and building, capacity development and the institutionalisation of methods successfully developed over the years.

Water and the Environment

Our actions, which were embedded in Bolivia's Economic and Social Development Plan, aimed to strengthen public services by improving the management of watersheds and the environment, of drinking water supply areas and of irrigation systems.


One of our projects implemented with Bolivia's Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, aimed to map, study and conserve the cultural heritage in the Lake Titicaca region. Thirteen communities, representing more than 150,000 people, were involved in the project that aimed to optimise the national and international tourism potential of the region.


Enabel supported ten healthcare networks established in the poorest and most vulnerable regions in view of improving access to health services and the quality of life of more than 500,000 inhabitants in 43 municipalities. We also supported a national programme fighting malnutrition among children under two and improving the health of pregnant women and young mothers.
Enabel's projects in Bolivia focussed on water, the environment and health.


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