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Enabel and VVOB sign Cooperation Agreement

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Brussels, 29 March 2021 - The Belgian development agency Enabel and VVOB have agreed to work more closely together to increase the impact of Belgian international solidarity in the education sector.

VVOB is a Flemish international association that aims to build a just world in which governments are able to guarantee the fundamental right to quality education. Quality education provides all pupils with the competences they need to become economically productive, to provide a sustainable livelihood, to contribute to a peaceful, democratic society and to improve individual well-being.

For Enabel this partnership agreement is a logical next step in a long-standing collaboration. With funding of Enabel’s digital platform Wehubit, since 2020, VVOB has been carrying out a project on digital skills in STEM education through coding schools targeting pupils and teachers. In a Belgian-Ugandan governmental development project VVOB was tasked with developing a handbook on active learning and teaching. Currently, Enabel and VVOB closely collaborate at improving technical education in Uganda. Enabel and VVOB are both members of the steering committee of the Belgian expert network Educaid.be.

“With this agreement we can make the Belgian international cooperation in the education sector more coherent and stronger,” says Enabel’s Managing director Jean Van Wetter. “Even at the global level, e.g. with UNESCO and the Global Partnership for Education, this agreement will help in having Belgium’s voice heard,” concludes Van Wetter.

“This agreement ensures that the existing collaboration between the two organisations will be further strengthened”, says Sven Rooms, General Director of VVOB. “Based on our specific strengths, we can thus support ministries in various countries even better to improve their education system”, concludes Rooms.


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