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Enabel joins Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

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Brussels, 23 February 2021 | On 10 February, Enabel joined the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA), an ambitious initiative of The Shift and WWF. BACA is a platform for Belgian organisations and businesses which take their climate ambitions seriously and among other things want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

“In the past, Enabel took measures such as repaying public transportation commuter travel, water fountains replacing bottled water, and led lightning,” says Claude Croizer, climate expert at Enabel. Each of these initiatives has an impact on the organisation’s ecological footprint. Since a few years, Enabel also works with CO2Logic, which calculates greenhouse gas emissions, with a view to offsetting them. (+ link PB juni 2019).

“But in 2021 that is not enough anymore,” adds Croizer. “By joining BACA, we can now look for solutions to actually reduce our footprint. Enabel, as from 2021, does not just want to offset its greenhouse gas emissions, but also wants to take steps towards reducing its emissions itself. That way, Enabel also contributes to the Paris Climate Agreement.”

“Our BACA membership deepens our engagement for the climate: We do not only work at climate projects in the partner countries, but we also want to make our own functioning climate-friendly,” concludes Croizer.

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action brings together organisations that have already set science-based targets (SBTs) and that are willing to share their experience as well as organisations that aim to set climate goals and that are looking for advice and inspiration. With its membership Enabel commits to identifying its own SBTs within two years. 72 Belgian organisations have already joined BACA since the official launch on 12 October 2020.



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