Peru is a country characterised by huge social inequalities and geographical disparities. Belgium and Peru have cooperated for more than fifty years in health, the environment, human rights, and family agriculture. Governmental cooperation with Peru ended in June 2019 and gave way to other forms of cooperation.
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What we dID

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The environment and agriculture

We worked with the Ministry of the Environment to stimulate the sustainable economic development and strategic management of natural resources in five regions, which are home to three million Peruvians.

Our programme focussed on the conservation and sustainable use of ecosystem assets and services for the benefit of local families living in a state of poverty in these regions.

More concretely, we strengthened the capacities of local authorities in environmental and land management and carried out pilot projects to promote sustainable production systems which protect the biodiversity and are adapted to climate change. 


Universal health coverage involves making sure that every individual can access the quality health services (s)he needs at an affordable price. Our health programme supported the roll out of such coverage for vulnerable populations in six inland regions in the country.

In this context, we worked with the main public health insurance body, the SIS (Seguro Integral de Salud) which offers health insurance to more than half the inhabitants of Peru.

In addition, we provided budget support for the results-based financing mechanism of the maternal and infant health programme. This system finances the health entities based on their performance. We also took part in the policy dialogue on improving the quality of preventive and curative care.   


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Enabel implemented projects in the domains of environment, agriculture and health.


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