Press Release - Lake Tanganyika water management project

regional Lake Tanganyika water management project

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The ‘Lake Tanganyika Water Management’ project aims to sustainably improve the management and control of the cross-border waters of Lake Tanganyika. This 4-year project is entrusted to Enabel and is financed by the European Union as part of a regional programme.

The preservation of the quality of water resources of Lake Tanganyika is indeed of key importance for the region’s future, both for maintaining biodiversity and the region’s social and economic development. A transnational approach is required to achieve this. The project aims to support the Lake Tanganyika Authority (ALT), a regional group including Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia, in its mandate and duties to promote the protection and good management of water resources of the Lake and its tributaries.

The project will be based in Bujumbura (Burundi), but it will target, via pilot projects, a lakeside city in each of the four countries concerned. Rwanda is also involved in this project because it borders the Ruzizi River, which eventually flows into Lake Tanganyika. The pilot projects comprise specific urban pollution reduction actions (liquid and/or solid waste).

To strengthen the ALT’s role, the project will develop lake water quality control and monitoring tools, will put in place a series of pilot actions to reflect and share experiences and in some cases replicate similar actions in the project’s target cities and along the Lake and will strengthen the capacity of the ALT in its coordinating and supporting role for water resources management actors. .


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