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Belgian expertise for international cooperation

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Enabel has contracted more than sixty Belgian and international partners with a view to mobilising their expertise for the development agency’s activities. The partnerships with public entities, universities, research centres and centres of excellence cover such diverse domains as justice, policing, port security, vocational training, social security, the environment, human rights, health, water, climate change or e-governance. 

The partnerships are especially interesting for supporting interventions that aim to strengthen partner country public entities. Through exchanges with peers, civil servants can question and enrich their own practices by testing them in other situations in the broader context of a development cooperation initiative. Such peer work may also be sustained over time and help establish networks that extends beyond the initiative. Finally, many public entities do have unique competencies which are hard to find on the market.

In the coming months and years, Enabel aims to further broaden its expertise network and consolidate its development broker role.

On 30 September, Enabel is organising a high-level networking event with a number of federal public services to highlight these partnerships and to get other public services, with whom no partnership has yet been concluded, interested in international cooperation.

After a presentation and some testimonies of successful exchanges of expertise with public actors, we will reflect together with Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy Meryame Kitir and other representatives of various public services on ways to further deepen such partnerships.

  • When: Thursday 30 September 2021, from 16.00 to 19.00
  • Where: Egmont Palace, Petit Sablon 8, 1000 Brussels
  • Info and interest in registering: 


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