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Partnership agreement between Enabel, Awex, WBI and Apefe

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Enabel signed a partnership agreement involving the Association for the Promotion of Education and Training Abroad (APEFE), the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) and Wallonia Brussels-International (WBI).

The partnership targets collaboration in entrepreneurship and international cooperation with expert input of APEFE, AWEX and/or WBI.

Collaboration venues comprise expertise of Awex/WBI/Apefe supporting the formulation or execution of development cooperation projects, study tours in Belgium and partner countries and the sharing of good practices and experience.

Other opportunities offered by this partnership: information sharing, Enabel hosting (future) partners of the international network of Awex/WBI/Apefe, Enabel supporting representatives of the three organisations in partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation and Enabel information being shared with Walloon businesses that are interested in development cooperation (Private Sector Engagement).

‘This partnership is important for Enabel because it provides our partner countries with specific Belgian expertise and allows us to professionalise our Private Sector Development approach,’ confirms Jean Van Wetter, Enabel’s Managing director.

"Dit partnerschap is belangrijk voor Enabel. Het biedt ons de mogelijkheid de meest geavanceerde Belgische expertise ter beschikking te stellen van onze partnerlanden. Op die manier kunnen we ook de ontwikkeling van het ondernemerschap op een professionele manier ondersteunen", zegt Jean Van Wetter, algemeen directeur van Enabel.

Enabel has already signed more than 60 partnerships with Belgian public entities, universities, national and international research centres, businesses and civil society organisations. The Belgian development agency thus aims to further broaden its expertise network and consolidate its development broker role.

Picture :
Pascale Delcomminette (WBI),
Chantal De Bleu (AWEX),
Stephan Plumat (APEFE),
Jean Van Wetter (Enabel).


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