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Programme team
The seven-year Development of the saffron and date palm value chains Programme in the Souss-Massa-Drâa region was launched in 2013.

The Programme is aligned with the Green Morocco Plan, the agricultural development strategy adopted by the Moroccan State, and consists of three pillars:
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural techniques, for instance in water management;
  • Strengthening the position of the producers by establishing cooperatives and Economic Interest Groups (EIGs or unions of cooperatives) responsible for commercialisation;
  • Backing of these entities in commercialising their products.

The programme, which results from collaboration between Belgium and Morocco, is implemented by the Ouarzazate Regional Office for Agricultural Development, the National Office for Agricultural Advisory Services and Enabel.

Lastly, the Trade for Development Centre is also involved and provides its marketing expertise. 


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In the agriculture sector, Belgium and Morocco work together for the Green Morocco Plan, a plan which aims at the sustainable economic development of regions where agriculture is underdeveloped and especially the most vulnerable producers there.

Enabel’s interventions follow a value chain approach. The almonds value chain is targeted in Morocco’s north-east; the saffron and dates value chains are targeted in the southern Souss-Massa-Drâa region. 

Enabel also intervenes in the following:
  • water and sanitation
  • capacity development of civil servants’ managers
  • migration
  • women's and youth’s entrepreneurship
  • promotion and protection of women’s and children’s rights 


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For many years, Enabel’s agricultural projects have followed a ‘value chain’ approach, addressing the steps that turn raw materials into end product. After all, what’s the use of producing high-quality and sustainable products if they cannot get sold? That is why it is necessary to carefully determine potential clients and how to better communicate with them. 

That is why Enabel assists small entrepreneurs and their organisations that are involved in the production, processing and commercialisation of agricultural products. It supports the development of services to farmers and appropriate infrastructure, with particular attention paid to women. It supports them in their search for sustainable market access and in boosting profits by developing stable and fair business relations between players. 


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