Stories of a changing world. Stories of men and women affected by our projects. Stories of how we work and what we aim to achieve.

stories of change

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Gender equality is part of Enabel’s DNA and is already underlying its projects. Now, Enabel will include an in-depth reflection on the social and cultural context of its interventions in order to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome.
What is new in the third edition of the Junior Programme? Active contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, a more strongly targeted offer of Junior Experts and investment in the promotion of networks and partnerships.
A new initiative of the Belgian Development Cooperation aims to contribute to funding of private and public Digital for Development projects. A new way of doing development work and of stimulating collaboration between actors in the field.
In Niger gender inequalities between girls and boys are large including in education. The Sarraounia-project uses a new approach: relationship-based awareness-raising to sensitize rural communities on the importance of education for girls.
Uganda - Focusing on new teaching methods and creating a stimulating learning environment makes a considerable difference for the quality of education.
Do you know the VET Toolbox? This new cooperation programme is managed by Enabel and three other European agencies and aims to enhance the expertise about vocational training and worked-based learning in partner countries.


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Keep up-to-date with our latest activities and with international development trends from a Belgian perspective.