Stories of a changing world. Stories of men and women affected by our projects. Stories of how we work and what we aim to achieve.

stories of change

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Enabel supports the Senegalese government in developing its agricultural policy. Digital technologies can play an important role in strengthening and scaling up the efforts made.
Since 2018, Enabel intervenes in a livestock value chain development programme in Niger. This assignment requires much diplomacy because it implies that the interests of nomadic stockbreeders are reconciled with those of farmers. The solution? Start...
For almost 7 years Enabel, in a partnership with Burundi authorities, has helped put in place a performing health information system. The programme is about to be completed and has achieved its objectives. Find out more about this success story with...
The majority of Palestinian youth is unemployed. As companies are mostly looking for technically skilled staff, work-based learning can provide a solution.
Since 2012, the Ugandan Government has been implementing an ambitious plan to combat youth unemployment with the support of Enabel. Communication is an essential aspect of this.
Enabel coordinates an ambitious European waste management and road refurbishment project in Conakry, in Guinea. Find out about the opportunities and challenges of this initiative.


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