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Fifty years of cooperation between Niger and Belgium

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Niamey - 26 May 2021 | Belgium and Niger are celebrating fifty years of cooperation this year. On the occasion of that anniversary, a Belgian delegation was received by the newly elected president of Niger and Enabel opened the new hospital of Gothèye to the west of Niamey.

One of the recurring themes in the governmental cooperation between the two countries is healthcare. Currently Enabel is supporting the country with three projects that focus on capacity building and infrastructure of health care. The Gothèye hospital is one of the achievements of the development agency. The new district hospital serves the population of the entire region and beyond and is the first hospital in the district to include a mental health unit.

Presidential visit

The country's new president, Mohamed Bazoum, received a delegation from Belgium, including Belgian ambassador Guy Sverin and Enabel general manager Jean Van Wetter. Governmental cooperation between the two countries was one of the topics of discussion, the ambassador said afterwards.

"We are preparing, in partnership with our Nigerien friends, a programme for the years to come and it is important to gather the President's opinions, particularly in the areas of education and health," said Guy Sevrin.

"My visit to Niger aims to understand the context and in this view, the audience with the President of the Republic was very important to understand his vision for the country and to ensure that our cooperation fits into this vision," says Jean Van Wetter.

Enabel is currently developing a new programme that will focus on themes such as education, health, agriculture and the three Ds (Diplomacy, Defence, Developpement). The new programme will start in 2022 and will last for five years. It will also look at a regional climate portfolio for the Sahel, focusing on the Niger River and the Great Green Wall, as requested by Minister Kitir.
Picture 1: Production of peanut oil and cake, Zoumbou village (Dosso region). A grain mill has doubled production and reduced women's working hours.
Picture 2: Pastoral well of Salkame, rural community of Tibiri. The cattle get water from the well that was built as part of Enabel's water supply programme.


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