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Wehubit finances five digital solutions for Climate Smart Agriculture

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The Wehubit programme of Enabel selected five digital projects for Climate Smart Agriculture. The total budget of the grants amounts to 1,748,630 euros. The selected grantees will be scaling up their initiatives in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Tanzania.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Agriculture worldwide is facing a triple challenge: how to sustainably increase productivity and incomes, while reducing and/or removing greenhouse gas emissions and building resilience of agriculture to climate change? Wehubit wants to tackle these challenges by supporting the scaling-up of digital products or services and enable Climate Smart Agriculture tools to reach farmers.

Selected projects

Two projects will be implemented in Tanzania: AfriScout is working with Maasai pastoralists and wants to improve climate smart management of northern Tanzania’s drylands by scaling up access and use of AfriScout, a mobile application that provides pastoralists with actionable grazing data. Kilimo Trust, on the other hand, wants to strengthen smallholder rice farmers by scaling up digital knowledge and information services in combination with the UN Environment Sustainable Rice Platform.

The third project, executed by the Belgian branch of Veterinarians Without Borders and Action Against Hunger Spain, will implement its digital solution in Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger. It aims to strengthen traditional pastoralist information mechanisms by using different ICT tools to ensure a peaceful movement of livestock between grazing grounds (transhumance) in the central Sahel.

In Senegal, Farm Radio International will assist three Senegalese radio stations, which are popular and trusted among farmers, to develop and sustain interactive digital advisory services. Specific attention is paid to gender issues. 

The last grantee, TechnoServe is using drones in Benin to collect plot data of cashew production. As the growth of Benin’s cashew production impacted previously forested land, the collected data will serve to analyse plot health, and the impact of the production on biodiversity and plantation. 

“We want to welcome and congratulate our new partners,” says Arnaud Leclercq, coordinator of Wehubit. “These five projects have been selected among more than 120 proposals, through a highly competitive selection process. They represent a diversity of examples of how digital tools can boost resilience building to climate change.”


The Wehubit programme started in 2018 and supports projects which want to disseminate existing digital solutions and deploy them at a broader scale. The programme is specifically looking for solutions that can be reproduced in other sectors and regions and that have already proven to be effective.

Wehubit manages funds from public and private investors who want to promote digital development projects. Grants are awarded to non-profit organisations. Thematic Calls for Proposals are regularly launched on the programme’s website. 

Projectcoordinator Arnaud Leclercq


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