Belgium and Vietnam officially established diplomatic relations in 1973 when the country was still suffering from the long-lasting and devastating war. As one of the first development partners, Belgium supports Vietnam with the implementation of the Doi moi (innovation policy) for poverty reduction, socio-economic development and since recent the becoming of an industrialised economy. Belgian governmental cooperation in Vietnam will discontinue by June 2019, making way for partner relations in investment and trade.


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The current Cooperation programme focus on water management and sanitation, capacity development and good governance.


Since 2008, Vietnam’s fast economic growth has become less responsive to investment - especially public investment.

Therefore, we have been supporting the government of Vietnam in the development of the Public Investment Law, introduced in 2015. We assisted in the development of a legal framework for the implementation of the law, capacity development for sub-national authorities and introduction of the medium-term investment framework in public investment management.

Water & Environment

Fast socio-economic development, rapid urbanization and industrialization have imposed intense pressure on the country's environment and natural resources. Water and sanitation management in the framework of urbanization and climate change are priority to us.

We are supporting 3 provinces to study downscaling climate change models; socio-economic surveys; hydrologic and hydraulic modelling; mangroves restoration; and technical and institutional capacity assessment. A technical support unit is anchored in the Ministry of Planning and Investment to coordinate and streamline the integration of the water management and climate change dimension in socio-economic development plan at all levels. ‘Green growth’ provincial actions plans and procurement policies are also being drafted.


Environment & climate - Vietnam’s impressive economic growth went hand in hand with increased greenhouse gas emissions and emerging environmental problems. The country has chosen for a greener future. Belgium supports Vietnam in this shift.
Enabel implements projects in Vietnam, primarily in the domains of governance, water and environment.
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