environment and climate

We assist our partners in setting up low-carbon, environment-friendly societies.

in all projects

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All our actions include sustainable management of the environment and of natural resources and address the issue of climate change.

Limiting risks

We make sure that our actions do not induce environmental risks (effect on climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, deterioration of habitats, etc.).

Promoting innovations

We encourage innovations in the approaches and techniques used (ecoconstruction, renewable energies, agro-forestry, ecosystem approach, etc.).

Capacity development

We strengthen the capacities of our partner institutions in developing policies and strategies to face tomorrow’s challenges and to manage environmental problems.

Specific projects

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The environment and climate change are at the heart of our water, renewable energies and natural resources projects.


We support the construction of water supply and treatment installations (retention basins, boreholes and treatment plants). We develop our partners’ capacities in water management and urban sanitation. We promote methods for saving water.

Forests, lands and soils

We develop sustainable natural resource management projects which promote participatory management of these resources by local communities and the development of ecosystem services. In addition to environmental communication and education actions, we train foresters and forest institutions in sustainable forest management. We also implement large-scale planting projects that include the fuelwood dimension.

Waste and urban sanitation

We assist our partners in building waste collection, treatment and recycling facilities. We also train municipalities and regions in integrated waste management and urban sanitation.

Renewable energy and ecoconstruction

We install solar and hydroelectric plants which help to supply low-carbon electricity based on renewable energies. We also incorporate ecoconstruction principles in the infrastructures we build with our partners, mainly in the education and health sectors.

Climate change

Most of our infrastructure and rural development construction projects are designed to include reduced carbon emissions and climate change mitigation strategies. We also develop urban planning and green economy projects dedicated entirely to the cause and effect of climate change.


The Gaza Province in Mozambique is a dry region with widely dispersed communities relying on few water sources. The Belgian Development Cooperation introduces new approaches that provide rural population with better access to drinking water.
Environment & climate - Vietnam’s impressive economic growth went hand in hand with increased greenhouse gas emissions and emerging environmental problems. The country has chosen for a greener future. Belgium supports Vietnam in this shift.
Climate change in Peru: Alpaca farmers in the Andes fight back — Peru's glaciers are melting away at an alarming rate, causing water shortages for the farmers in the high Andes. Belgium, Peru's Ministry of the Environment and the Alpaca...
The environment is integrated in all our interventions. Environmental projects are implemented in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


We cooperate with Belgian public bodies to support our environmental projects:


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