Working conditions

In Brussels

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Headquarters staff members are welcomed in such a way that they quickly obtain the necessary information about Enabel and experience the Enabel spirit so they can take on their function. The physical working environment of the Rue Haute offices is both functional and agreeable. Besides a salary deal that includes extra-legal advantages, headquarters staff members can benefit from interesting terms once the probationary period is concluded, such as (occasional or structural) telework.


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Before leaving for overseas, each expatriate staff member receives the information about his/her future position and about the activities of Enabel in the country of assignment. Moreover, he/she participates to a training session that enables him/her to get familiar with the organisation and its main management tools.

Enabel offers its overseas staff working conditions and remuneration that take into account the specific nature of expatriation: isolation, local sanitary and material conditions, safety … The remuneration of the international staff member is calculated on the base of a salary scale. The salary level depends on the level of responsibility of the position, the complexity of the function and the required qualifications.

Enabel pays for the accommodation of the expatriate and the necessary insurances for assignments overseas. Moreover, Enabel responds to the challenges that an overseas assignment brings about for the expatriate’s relatives, especially with regards to the education of the expatriate’s children.


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