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Enabel joins YOUCA Action Day and hires two assistants

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On 17 October Enabel opens its doors for the Youth in Action Day. 15 000 youths from Flanders and Brussels get a real job experience on that day. Their pay goes to projects promoting entrepreneurship in Belgium and Guinea. Two youths will assist Enabel’s Managing director Jean Van Wetter in his tasks.

“I have a meeting with a Rwandan delegation, a meeting with the Ambassador of Benin and a discussion on fair trade on my agenda,” explains Jean Van Wetter. “My brand-new assistants will accompany me at these meetings. That way they learn about the various tasks of a director and they see what a development agency does.”

Furthermore, the two youths take hold of the Instagram account of Enabel for one day so they can tell about their day in their own way. Since the Belgian development agency Enabel itself undertakes various actions in Guinea it fully supports the YOUCA initiative.

Enabel’s programme in Guinea focuses amongst others on entrepreneurship and social and economic opportunities for youths. For instance, it invests in work-based learning: Youths are employed with a view of teaching them specific skills. Completing such a cycle boosts their employability and strengthens their position in society.

“Enabel supports decent work and economic growth under the Sustainable Development Goals agenda. Young people are part of that story since they are a driving force in society. Participating to the YOUCA Action Day is important because we can show youths what development cooperation stands for.
Both of my assistants looked very interested in what we do. I want to find out what their impressions are after such a day on the job!” concludes Jean Van Wetter.

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