Annual report 2019 | Enabel - Belgian Development Agency

Annual report 2019

The Annual Report looks back on past activities. It focuses on 2019 but also looks forward to the decade before us. Enabel’s new long-term strategy addresses five major Global Challenges: Peace and Security, Climate Change, Social and Economic Inequality, Human Mobility, and Urbanisation.

Enabel ambitions to be a player of reference in Belgium's international cooperation through partnerships with Belgian public services, research centres, universities and the private sector. We want to remain a partner of choice in Africa and we want to enhance our impact.

Enabel is also definitely a European player. We support the ambition of the EU to further boost collaboration between development agencies.

The world is facing huge challenges in realising the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In this perspective, Enabel strongly beliefs that its new strategy is up to par.

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