Concept Paper Climate Change

Concept Paper: Climate Change

The effects of global change are increasingly being felt. To do something about this, a global effort is being set up to accompany developing countries, which are especially vulnerable to these effects, in defining and implementing their climate policies and strategies.

Because of its experience with designing development programmes and with environmental and climate matters BTC can play a role in assisting its partners in improving their resilience in the face of climate change and in showing how to achieve the transition to a low-carbon society.

A stronger positioning of BTC in climate matters will strengthen its credibility and allow it more specifically to contribute more effectively to the realisation of Belgium’s commitments in implementing the main international climate agreements.

BTC is aware of the challenges and has put in place in 2016 a climate working group in order to make specific proposals on how to address the matter.

This document therefore aims to define a vision and an action strategy to mainstream climate change without however ignoring the other environmental and sustainable development challenges.

In this context, this ‘Climate Change’ concept paper aims to:

  • Develop a road map, an action strategy and specific recommendations in order to strengthen the mainstreaming of the fight against climate change in the projects and the functioning of BTC/Enabel by 2020;
  • Propose actions to strengthen the resources available and the internal procedures in order to develop the agency’s expertise and prepare the transition towards the new Enabel;
  • Present the policy and financial challenges in climate change matters, in view of climate mainstreaming in BTC activities;
  • Identify the opportunities created by this situation.
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