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Enabel activity report 2021 - 2022

Tackling common challenges together, moving from a logic of problems to a logic of opportunities, listening to our partners. These are the strong points of Enabel's work in the past year.

Today's problems cannot be seen in isolation. Thinking about combating the effects of climate change means thinking about agriculture, reforestation and water management. There are also links with the fight against inequality, with migration and with health policies. And each action must be seen in a global context too.

The corona pandemic has made us realise that we need to work on long-term structural solutions. Instead of just making vaccines available, we have worked at improving the response capacity on the African continent. We supported the creation of a lab in Senegal, which brings together the entire pharmaceutical industry, and we will support Rwanda's Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in obtaining necessary certification from the World Health Organisation.

Enabel works more and more with partners. Via Team Belgium we make sure that we not only use our own expertise, but also look for customised expertise where it can be found. Thus, in 2021, Enabel organised a round table at the initiative of Minister Kitir with all players of the Belgian pharmaceutical industry. We explored together what Belgium can do for its African partners.

Under the impetus of Minister Kitir, Enabel set up four new programmes in 2021: a regional climate programme in the Sahel, a social protection programme in Rwanda, Uganda and the DR Congo, and new five-year programmes in Palestine and Niger.

This puts Enabel on the right track. We are growing, we are innovating and our expertise is being recognised more and more. In this activity report you find a selection of stories, large and small, sometimes with telling figures, sometimes with testimonies of people whose lives have changed significantly. Such change is what drives us.

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