Strengthening health systems in Rwanda

Strengthening health systems. Evidence-informed approaches and lessons learned from Rwanda

This booklet is a product of the Ministry of Health in Rwanda in collaboration with the ‘Institutional Support to Ministry of Health – Phase IV’ (Minisanté IV) Program through support from the Belgian Development Agency.

The book capitalizes on the work done within the BTC Rwanda partnership and reflects on different components such as health system strengthening, maternal health, mental health, urban health, health technologies and ecological interventions, decentralization and aid modalities reflections. It is also a reflection on the value of results achieved and the progress made through the whole institutional support process while providing an appreciation of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of planned interventions. In addition, this book is seen as an intensive sharing and learning opportunity in order to draw useful lessons for other similar interventions, new policies and strategies in other countries and future partnerships in Rwanda.

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