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Switching to light - Electricity access - Stories of change

Rwanda has a target of reaching 100% electricity access by 2024. The Electricity Access Rollout Programme (EARP), implemented in partnership with the Rwanda Energy Group, constructed over 1000 km of power network in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Alongside, the project connected 25 schools, 11 health posts, 400+ businesses, 32 public administrations and upgraded 50 km power network in a western border town of Rwanda. 

The growth of the energy sector in Rwanda during the recent decade has been impressive. It is often celebrated as a leading example of success across Sub-Saharan Africa. The development of the country’s energy infrastructure has played a major role in Rwanda’s consistent economic growth since the mid-1990s. Despite the recent global economic fallout due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, from which Rwanda has not been exempted, the country holds enormous potential to grow further. Having access to affordable and sustainable energy will continue to play a critical role in this future growth.

The 20 stories in this booklet show how access to affordable and reliable electricity transforms the lives of people who had previously no access to electricity.

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