Covid-19: increased test capacity for Benin’s healthcare system

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(C) Rosalie Colfs/Enabel
Enabel supports Benin's government in its fight against the coronavirus on behalf of the French development agency AFD

With the ‘Covid-19 – Santé en Commun’ campaign, at the beginning of April, AFD (Agence française de développement) released EUR 1.2 billion to support African countries in their fight against the pandemic. EUR 3 million goes to Benin to support the national response plan. Based on Enabel’s years of experience in the health sector in Benin, AFD is calling on the Belgian development agency to bring this action to a successful conclusion. The funds will be used towards purchasing 60,000 corona tests and several health centres are set up to care for patients. With this support the Ministry of Health of Benin can increase its test capacity and better monitor the health situation in the country. The action is also aimed at supporting the awareness-raising activities of the government. 

The collaboration between AFD and Enabel is part of a new ‘Equité’ programme in the Collines Region that was signed at the end of 2019, focusing on improving the quality of obstetric care and handling non-communicable diseases, with a specific focus on gender equality. Because of the Corona epidemic, it was decided to allocate part of the funds to the national response plan. 

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