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Enabel trains health workers in Covid-19 patient care

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In Senegal, Enabel and the Senegalese Ministry of Health and Social Action have elaborated a national Covid-19 response plan amongst others training and developing the country’s health workforce.

Since 2 March, like most other countries, Senegal has launched on a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the fast propagation of the virus important measures were taken at all levels of the health pyramid under the elaborated national response plan with much attention paid to training and developing the health workforce.

Enabel, being a Technical and Financial Development Partner of Senegal, has reoriented its interventions to assist the State with the various axes of its resilience programme and to contribute to the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the various health districts of the 3 regions where Enabel intervenes, namely Kaolack, Fatick and Kaffrine, training sessions on how to respond to Covid-19 have been dispensed to the whole of the health sector: doctors, nurses, midwives and ambulance paramedics, as well as to first responders, defence and security staff and community workers.
‘Enabel reoriented its interventions to assist the Senegalese state in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 450,000 euros of the new Belgian-Senegalese cooperation programme are invested in the effort.‘
The focus was on detecting suspected cases, the confirmation of diagnosis, patient care, protection measures, the use of personal protection equipment, the management of waste, isolation protocols and how to disinfect care units. 

Along with this important training component Enabel spends a total of 450,000 euros of the new Belgian-Senegalese programme ‘Women’s, infants’, children’s and adolescents’ health’ to communication/awareness, to protective and diagnosis equipment and to medical care to fight Covid-19. 

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