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Enabel boosts the resilience of migrants and farmers in MoroccO

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In response to the health crisis, Enabel Morocco and its partners have identified urgent actions to help the most vulnerable people cope with the pandemic.

In Morocco, the crisis has led to extreme hardship for large numbers of migrants, who often are of sub-Saharan origin and most of whom work in the informal economy. Because of the crisis, most of the economic activity is at a standstill and these people have no income.

Since 2016 Enabel implements several projects that focus on migrants in Morocco. Our agency focuses on the economic integration of migrants with a view of improving their employability in Morocco, on supporting Moroccans living in Belgium in creating businesses in Morocco and on migrants and refugees accessing their rights through capacity development of actors who can facilitate such access.

Through its migration projects, Enabel is working, among other things, to improve communication on prevention and hygiene measures, as well as the social rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. It supports its social assistance public partner institution of reference – the National Aid Agency – in organising rapid response initiatives to address the basic needs of this population. Enabel also strengthens local coordination through the development of a digital toolkit that allows member associations of local networks to further pursue their contact moments (which were previously in-house) and coordination efforts in order to provide assistance to the most vulnerable. Finally, following the closure of universities, university legal clinics of Casablanca, Oujda, Rabat and Tanger receive IT equipment developed by Belgian partner universities or by Enabel itself with a view of furthering capacity development in the area of access to rights.

Farmers severely affected

Through our projects in support of agricultural value chains, we support cooperatives to find innovative marketing solutions for their products (online marketing, secure distribution in supermarkets and stores in major cities) and to develop digital marketing strategies for export.

In the fight against Covid-19, we are also strengthening the capacity of organisations and producers to comply with hygiene and social distancing rules in oases and in packaging units, to disinfect and to apply good practices in the agro-food chain, and we are providing date and saffron processing units with protective and hygiene equipment.

These actions, focusing on communication, digitisation and institutional support of our Moroccan partners, lay the groundwork for a sustainable and structural solution that will make farmers and migrants more resilient in the delicate stages of recovery.

As a result, online sales will become more important, as will distance training and health protection of agricultural products.

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