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In Guinea, Mahawa produces pineapples which she sells in the cities of Kindia and Conakry. This is how she earns a living, supports her family and funds her children's education. Unfortunately for her, Covid-19 landed in Guinea too, with its consequences, both on human lives and on the economy... Everything stops, or almost. 

Under the state of emergency, which was put in place to limit the spread of the epidemic, travel is prohibited. Intercity transportation has taken a hit. Mahawa can no longer travel between Conakry and Kindia. The pineapples she harvested are starting to rot. For her, the anxiety is at its height. How to save the fruit of so many months of work?

Many people are in Mahawa's situation. Entrepreneurs are in the grip of fear as they face the risk of bankruptcy, because the Covid-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. Businesses now need a helping hand, a lifeline to start up again. And that's what Enabel tries to be: support for all those who take risks and do business. Through its interventions, the Belgian Development Cooperation accompanies all Mahawas, wherever their projects run. It supports the growth of businesses, values their agricultural products and gives them access to financing and markets. This is often done through agricultural cooperatives and cupola organisations. 

In the face of the evolving Covid-19 pandemic, Belgium is on the front line of response. On 16 April, a truck loaded with gels, handwashing kits, masks and awareness posters was dispatched to the areas where Enabel intervenes on the Conakry-Kindia-Mamou axis. Once the kits were delivered, the truck was made available to farmers so they could transport and market their products. The truck returned to Conakry, filled with tons of pineapples and watermelons. Mahawa was there, reassured and relieved to see her goods brought to market.

A modest help to support those who suffer in silence. 

These actions are funded by Belgium and the European Union. 

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