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Set-up of COVID-19 isolation sites in Rwanda

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To contain the Covid-19 epidemic Enabel has been supporting the government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. 

Enabel collaborator, Benjamin Rutayisire, healthcare management specialist, is currently helping with the setup of an isolation site in Kigali. He explains his work on site in this video:
At these sites people who have been in contact with others who tested positively for the virus, or people who recently travelled outside the country are being tested for the virus. Equally, people who have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 are being tested at the site.

If positive, patients are transferred to treatment centres. If the test results are negative people are required to stay in the isolation centre for 14 days, after this they can return home.

Enabel also offers logistical and technical support to the government of Rwanda. Benjamin shares what we are doing: 

Setting up the isolation site - in pictures


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