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Training and equipping health workers to fight Covid-19

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In Mali, as part of the Koulikoro Region’s Covid-19 response plan, from 21 to 23 April, Enabel organised training for 54 health professionals of the region’s health districts. 

Given their close contact with patients, health workers are the first link in contamination and the spread of the disease. They therefore benefit most from information and skills needed to break the chain of contamination and raise public awareness on social distancing and other preventive measures. 

At the end of the training, kits and protective equipment against Covid-19 were handed over to the Regional Health Directorate in the presence of the Governor of the Koulikoro Region. These kits will be distributed to the various health facilities in the region with a view of setting up a rapid response. Isolation rooms will also be put in place in a dozen health districts.

Note that this regional-level training will be followed by training at the local level. With the financial support of the Belgian Development Cooperation 558 technical health workers in 10 health districts will be trained and 1,000 community opinion leaders will be made aware of Covid-19 with a view of ensuring prevention and control of the pandemic.

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