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The Belgian Cooperation with Jordan, in the form of development programmes, only started in 2019 under the EU Qudra II Project. Enabel is bringing to Jordan its expertise in the TVET sector by implementing the “Developing Skills for Employability of Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Youth in Jordan”. 


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In Jordan, Enabel supports development work with emphasis at this stage on the education sector; enhancing employment and income opportunities through demand-driven vocational training programmes. 

Education and training for Syrian refugees and host communities

Given the protracted effect of the Syrian crisis and the large influx of refugees, with Jordan hosting the second highest share of refugees, Jordan is faced with enhanced unemployment rates and negatively affected relationships between refugees and host communities due to increased competition for accessing public services, including education and employment.

Therefore, Enabel’s intervention is oriented towards providing Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian youth and women with equal opportunities to be trained in semi-skilled work meeting local labour market demand and thus enhancing their employment prospects with local private businesses.
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