Guinea has been a partner country of the Belgian governmental development cooperation since 2015. Through this partnership we aim to structurally support the human rights and social and economic development in the country.


We aim to improve the economic, technical and social performance of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in 3 areas: the agricultural sector, targeting the pineapple, mango and potato value chains; urban entrepreneurship, particularly in New Information and Communication Technology (NICT) and incubators; and women entrepreneurship.

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Sexual and reproductive rights

The programme ‘She Decides’ improves access to sexual and reproductive rights for women and youths. It furthermore focuses on gender-based violence issues.

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Capacity development

We focus on capacity development in growth sectors, particularly of NGOs, small enterprises and civil society. It entails consultation workshops and needs studies and solutions to improve productivity.

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Waste management

‘SANITA Clean Cities’ is an EU-funded programme aimed at professionalising solid waste management in the capital Conakry and in the city of Kindia. The aim is to improve door-to-door collection, sorting and recycling of waste, whilst also improving road management and gutter cleaning to better deal with rainwater runoff.

pile of solid waste in landfill

Socio-economic opportunities for youth

The European Union offers prospects to youths by supporting work floor training schemes: Youths learn skills on the work floor to help them subsequently find jobs and become integrated in society. This programme is also being offered to young migrants returning to Guinea.

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Contact the Enabel team in Guinea

Immeuble Koubia, 3e étage
Corniche Nord Camayenne
T + 224 626 634 754 |
Resident Representative (interim): François Kieffer

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