The Belgian Development Cooperation has been active in Niger for more than 50 years. We aim to improve the living conditions of the population in Niger through partnerships with the country’s public institutions.


Good health is a basic condition for economic participation and contribution to the country’s development. We support Niger in facing the challenge of delivering accessible quality health care to its entire population.

We do so by supporting all chains of the health system. On one hand, we assist the Ministry of Public Health in defining and ensuring the implementation of its health policies and in coordinating the health sector.

On the other hand we test, in the pilot health districts of Gotheye and Gaya, the implementation of fundamental reforms in the sector such as the performance-based financing of the healthcare centres, the quality assurance of their services and the digitalisation of the management of healthcare services.

Nurse preparing an ambulance while women and child sit inside waiting.

Stock breeding and food security

Stock breeding is a dynamic sector in Niger’s economy which generates growth. We support this sector in view of improving food security and boosting the incomes of the breeders who depend on it.

Making the stock breeding sector more resilient, better performing and sustainable is a challenge that we address with our actions targeting stock breeding products, added value creation and marketing and with our interventions to better manage and protect the natural resources that are essential for stock breeding.

In order to advance the development of stock breeding on the long run, these actions are accompanied by capacity development of the different actors involved in stock breeding (public and private operators as well as civil society) so they can fully take on their respective roles.

Herder in Niger with a goat in his arms.

Contact the Enabel team in Niger

Issa Béri (IB) Rue IB -40
(behind the Issa Béri high school)
BP 12987 Niamey
T + 227 20 73 39 61 I
Resident Representative: Sandra Galbusera

News & Events


15 December 2022

Take part in our #EnablingTheFuture event

On 15 December, Enabel invites you to its first event on the theme of social innovation in its office in Brussels or online. #EnablingTheFuture

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22 November 2022

Study: Quality of Youth Corners and Youth-friendly Services and Expectations in Rwanda

This booklet presents a summary of the results of the assessment of the Quality of youth corners and other related youth-friendly services at the health centers and expectations of young people and the community. The study was conducted to assess the quality status of services offered to young people in the Youth Corners identify adolescents’/community expectations to draw recommendations and design evidence-based strategies for improvement of the ASRH services.

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22 November 2022

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health in Rwanda

The Government of Rwanda has made efforts to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health of adolescents and youth through the adoption of various policies and strategies to ensure an access to affordable and equitable services. However, the country continues to face several pressing challenges related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Read the study

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23 November 2022

Interview with Adélaïde Kourouma on Urban Entrepreneurship in Guinea

Fostering the growth of emerging Guinean businesses. Read the interview.

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A hospital in Niger. Doctor standing outside the facility, while a woman and man arrive on a motorcycle with their baby. Resources

24 August 2022

Social Health Protection – A path to fight against inequalities

Every country in the world faces the challenge of protecting its population. But how to set up social protection? Where to start? Enabel provides a roadmap based on our expertise.

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Visit to a small hydro power plant in Mozambique. Man showing people around. Resources

22 November 2022

Brochure: Belgium – Mozambique cooperation programme 2023-2028

The Belgian cooperation has been active in Mozambique for 20 years. Enabel focuses on improving the living conditions of people through close collaboration with the Mozambican public institutions, private sector, civil society and communities. Read the brochure for more information.

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