Central African Republic

Enabel is active in the Central African Republic since August 2019. Currently we are implementing three EU-funded programmes in the areas of mining resources governance, democracy-building and rural development.

Responsible sourcing of gold and diamonds 

As part of the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), the EU is funding the ‘Strengthening Governance of CAR’s artisanal diamond and gold mining sectors’ project to contribute to transparent and sustainable diamond and gold mining in the Central African Republic by supporting the government in its commitments under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Nevertheless, the bulk of production continues to be exported illegally. However, artisanal gold and diamond mining, the nation’s second largest sector of employment, supports hundreds of thousands of people in most provinces of the country and has significant revenue potential for the State.

Reintegrating this traditional economic sector in the legal realm is therefore a major aspect of development and political stability

man inspecting diamond

Democratic governance

The Democracy-building programme (PCD) came at a particular moment in the country’s institutional political history, that of the preparation and organisation of national and then local elections, which are key to consolidating and legitimising the national democratic institutions.

The EU-PCD Programme’s logic is ‘to support the CAR in its efforts to recover and rebuild the authority of the State and the rule of law’. The Programme works with several key institutions of the Republic such as the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court, the High Council for Communication, the National Elections Authority, the Forum of Women Parliamentarians and the Consultative Roundtable.
group of young people taking part in workshop

Rural Development

To revive economic activities and support youth employment, Enabel also intervenes in the area of rural development and in the training of young people in agropastoral trades.

The DEVRUR II programme, financed by the European Union’s Bêkou Fund, through the establishment of six ‘agropoles’, will lead to an increase in local agricultural production and processing activities, an offer of adapted, flexible and evolving training solutions and better access to a range of services required for reviving agropastoral activities.

Reintegrating this traditional economic sector in the legal realm is therefore a major aspect of development and political stability.

young trainees learning how to build solar panels

Contact the Enabel team in the CAR

Bureau-RCA, quartier Sissongo, rue N°1.129 face au bureau du PAM, 1er Arrondissement Bangui-RCA.

T +236 72 99 06 46 / 75 46 25 46 | enabelrca@enabel.be
Country representative:  Philippe Serge Degernier

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15 December 2022

Take part in our #EnablingTheFuture event

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22 November 2022

Study: Quality of Youth Corners and Youth-friendly Services and Expectations in Rwanda

This booklet presents a summary of the results of the assessment of the Quality of youth corners and other related youth-friendly services at the health centers and expectations of young people and the community. The study was conducted to assess the quality status of services offered to young people in the Youth Corners identify adolescents’/community expectations to draw recommendations and design evidence-based strategies for improvement of the ASRH services.

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22 November 2022

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health in Rwanda

The Government of Rwanda has made efforts to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health of adolescents and youth through the adoption of various policies and strategies to ensure an access to affordable and equitable services. However, the country continues to face several pressing challenges related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Read the study

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23 November 2022

Interview with Adélaïde Kourouma on Urban Entrepreneurship in Guinea

Fostering the growth of emerging Guinean businesses. Read the interview.

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24 August 2022

Social Health Protection – A path to fight against inequalities

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22 November 2022

Brochure: Belgium – Mozambique cooperation programme 2023-2028

The Belgian cooperation has been active in Mozambique for 20 years. Enabel focuses on improving the living conditions of people through close collaboration with the Mozambican public institutions, private sector, civil society and communities. Read the brochure for more information.

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