Ukraine: new country, new challenges

square in Kyiv, Ukraine

A war in Europe. A few years ago, this prospect seemed unlikely. But since 24 February 2022, an armed conflict on a scale unseen since 1945 broke out on the continent.

Two years into the conflict, war is devastating Ukraine and many countries intensify efforts to support the people and rebuild the country. Belgium is among these countries.

In December 2023, the Belgian government mandated our organisation to launch a programme in support of reconstruction in Ukraine. This is recognition of our expertise in ‘traditional’ development cooperation. It also highlights our role as a facilitator and broker of Team Belgium public expertise.

Through a 4-year reconstruction programme, with a budget of 150 million euros, Enabel will provide particular support in the areas of health and social protection, education and employment. Major efforts will go towards energy efficiency and green energy – 20 million euros are earmarked for this. These actions will focus mainly on the Chernihiv (north-east of the capital) and Kyiv regions.

Like climate change and social inequality, peace is a global challenge that is at the heart of Enabel’s priorities. The interdependence of these challenges affects us all. That’s why, despite its traditional anchorage in Africa and the Middle East, Enabel is now opening a new chapter on the European continent.

A bold programme which, given the volatility of the geopolitical context, will be extremely flexible. Daring, but essential because, as Albert Camus said: “Peace is the only battle worth waging.” 

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