Belgium has been partnering with Mali for more than thirty years. Enabel contributed to sustainable and inclusive growth and boosting the employment rate. We helped rebuild the state, promoted peace and security and helped reduce poverty.


Mali’s decentralisation policy transfers more responsibilities and resources to local authorities. This process is crucial to lay the foundations for democracy and local development and to reduce poverty.

In Koulikoro, the second region of the country, we develop the capacity of locally elected representatives and their administration through training and support to the management of current affairs (recovery of taxes, improvement of civil registry services, etc.). We also finance equipment and infrastructure projects to support public services. The goal is to improve the quality of public service provision, economic development and local inclusive governance.
woman standing in front of a civil registry building

Rural Development

Belgium’s support focuses on livestock breeding and pisciculture. Pastoral stock plays an important role in Mali’s economy and in the fight against food insecurity. We aim to improve the genetic pool of local stock breeds, support the technical management of the herds, foster access to pastoral resources and promote animal products.

In addition, we back the establishment and development of fishfarms in the Sikasso region, where many children suffer from malnutrition.
Finally, the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries are strengthened in monitoring and evaluation, statistics, coordination and elaboration of public policies.
woman holding a fish recently fished

Contact the Enabel team in Mali

Quartier du fleuve
Immeuble Sanlam, Boulevard du 22 octobre 1946
BPE 4804 Bamako
T +223 20 23 96 42 –
Resident Representative: Johan Schoors

News & Events

A woman fetches water from a well in Kolokani, a village in Mali. News

31 January 2023

Ruminant livestock in Mali: Nana Sangaré Dembélé’s story

To alleviate more and more frequent crop failures, Mali and its partner countries have looked for techniques that can be adopted by agro-pastoralists. Fattening is one of the techniques favoured by the interested parties. Nana shares how she is using this technique and how it offers her a more stable income.

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Two women look into the camera showing their garden in Niger. A girls hides behind a tree. Goats are running around the garden. News

31 January 2023

Domestic biogas, a sustainable energy solution tested in Niger

In Niger, more than 90% of households use wood as fuel for cooking. To help preserve the environment, Enabel is experimenting with the production of domestic biogas with 10 agropastoralist households in the villages of Nawdéo and Rounto Tanda in the Dosso region. Read the story.

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24 January 2023

Result of the Strategic Evaluation TVET & Employment

The results of the Strategic Evaluation in the field of TVET & Employment were presented on Wednesday 21 December to an attentive audience of Enabel colleagues and our external networks (SES, DGD, APEFE, via Don Bosco, Educaidbe, ETM, AUF, E-duForm, …). Recommendations on the effectiveness, relevance, sustainability, equality (gender, inclusion), digitalisation and quality of our monitoring systems were presented and widely discussed.

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24 January 2023

#ClimatEducaid22 conference – Recommendations

On 20 and 21 October 2022, organised a hybrid conference on education and climate change. We could count on the support of the Belgian government, VVOB – education for development, APEFE, Enabel, UNICEF Belgium and IFEF (Institut de la Francophonie pour l’éducation et la Formation)/OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) as an external partner.

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palestinian woman sewing fabric News

23 January 2023

Enabel promotes women entrepreneurship in Africa and the Middle East

At the initiative of Belgium’s Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities, Enabel has launched the Awa Prize. With this award, Belgium aims to reward promising initiatives by women entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East and promote women’s leadership.

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productrices d'ananas béninoises en formation News

17 January 2023

Benin: women growing pineapples improve their business skills and household incomes

In Benin, we support a women’s empowerment initiative for women entrepreneurs active in the pineapple value chain, to help them overcome the difficulties surrounding their business and take it to the next level.

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