Belgium has been partnering with Mali for more than thirty years. Enabel contributed to sustainable and inclusive growth and boosting the employment rate. We helped rebuild the state, promoted peace and security and helped reduce poverty.


Mali’s decentralisation policy transfers more responsibilities and resources to local authorities. This process is crucial to lay the foundations for democracy and local development and to reduce poverty.

In Koulikoro, the second region of the country, we develop the capacity of locally elected representatives and their administration through training and support to the management of current affairs (recovery of taxes, improvement of civil registry services, etc.). We also finance equipment and infrastructure projects to support public services. The goal is to improve the quality of public service provision, economic development and local inclusive governance.
woman standing in front of a civil registry building

Rural Development

Belgium’s support focuses on livestock breeding and pisciculture. Pastoral stock plays an important role in Mali’s economy and in the fight against food insecurity. We aim to improve the genetic pool of local stock breeds, support the technical management of the herds, foster access to pastoral resources and promote animal products.

In addition, we back the establishment and development of fishfarms in the Sikasso region, where many children suffer from malnutrition.
Finally, the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries are strengthened in monitoring and evaluation, statistics, coordination and elaboration of public policies.
woman holding a fish recently fished

Contact the Enabel team in Mali

Quartier du fleuve
Immeuble Sanlam, Boulevard du 22 octobre 1946
BPE 4804 Bamako
T +223 20 23 96 42 –
Resident Representative: Danny Denolf

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