Education, training & employment

Education is key to economic and personal development.

What we do

Improving the access to and the quality of education

Together with our partners, we invest in improving the quality of primary and secondary education through teacher training, curriculum reform, the introduction of teaching innovations – like digitisation – and the promotion of student-centred teaching and learning methods.

We work on increasing access to education and more specifically on improving school attendance of girls by addressing access barriers and supporting the creation of a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment. In addition, we assist with the rehabilitation and construction of schools with a particular focus on climate-smart schools.

Strengthening the education and training system

All our actions aim at structural improvements of the education and training system. We do so by strengthening education and training instances, so they are enabled to better design policies, as well as to plan, manage and monitor education and training. This is always done in collaboration with partner ministries and local stakeholders.

Typical activities in this area include: supporting policy development, including adherence to the principles of decent work, strengthening monitoring and evaluation systems, introducing results-based planning and budgeting and improving the financial management of the sector.

Skilling for Decent Jobs

We support skills development as a key strategy to address (youth) unemployment. We aim at improving the match between skills requested by the labour market and the skills training offered by education and training providers. This approach generates a skilled labour force that is better equipped to find a decent job or to become an entrepreneur. It contributes to individual well-being, as well as to the economic development of a country and involves the private sector in the development process.


We also focus on developing and promoting tools, methods and approaches for inclusion of specific vulnerable groups , for whom the labour market is hard to access.

News & Events

Brussels Urban Summit 2023 Bis Events

01 June 2023

Brussels Urban Summit 2023

Enabel and its partners VVSG, Brulocalis and Echo Communication are pleased to invite you to the workshop ‘Engaging citizens within cities in transition’.

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congolose worker operating an electrical circuit News

15 May 2023

Co-creating innovative skills development solutions

With increasing EU investments in Africa, national economies can create more jobs and alleviate poverty at the local level. Enabel collaborates with the British Council, Expertise France, GIZ, and LuxDev to implement VET Toolbox.

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08 May 2023

Thirsting for a global solution to water management

Enabel, VITO and the DGD organised a conference showcasing the catalytic role of water as a risk but also as a solution in regard to climate change.

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two moroccan women during a hackathon News

08 May 2023

Innovation and digitisation, drivers to reform the Administration

In Morocco, Enabel assists civil servants in the public administration in strengthening their digital skills.

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Pigs_Rwanda News

31 May 2023

Pigs do fly as boar semen takes to the skies in Rwanda

An Enabel-supported project in Rwanda that uses drones to deliver pig semen to vets throughout the country brings new meaning to the saying, Pigs might fly. 

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men enjoying the shade in a national teachers college in uganda Resources

24 April 2023

#EnablingChange: 2022 – 2023 Activity report

The 2022-2023 Activity Report brings a closer look at some of the topics, events, achievements and ideas that received special attention in 2022. We look back on an exciting year, which already contains the seeds of a future that is at least as interesting.

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young girls from Niger playing basketball

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