The Government of Mozambique and Belgium have been working together in the fight against poverty since 2001, when several provinces were affected by flooding. Many efforts are made to improve access to resources, infrastructure and services, in particular in the most vulnerable rural areas.

Disaster risk management

Mozambique is vulnerable to climate risks. That’s why it’s essential to invest in disaster risk management. We contribute to improving the anticipation, prevention and preparedness to climate risks by supporting the National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and other related institutions.

Strengthening capacities at central, provincial and district level to improve policy making, planning, monitoring and supervision in disaster risk management and climate resilience is key to our strategy. Apart from working on a government agencies level, we also look into ways to support communities directly to become more resilient to climate risks.

We do this by reinforcing adaptive and risk anticipation strategies, by improving strategic spatial planning and budgeting, and by disseminating people-centred early warning systems.

Risk management of climate emergencies in Mozambique.

Renewable energy for productive use

With our work, we want to help increase energy access in rural areas through investments in solar mini-grids, solar powered irrigation systems and biomass fuels.

Contributing to sustainable economic and social development by promoting use of environmentally friendly energy sources is equally important.

To achieve this, we support governmental actors, such as the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Energy Fund, the Energy Regulatory Authority and the National Institute of Irrigation, civil society, and private actors.

workers of the small hydro power plant in Sembezeia Mozambique pose for a picture inside the plant.

Waste management and circular economy

Our actions address the current practice of disposing of urban solid waste in uncontrolled and poorly managed dumpsites with little to no treatment or recovery of recyclable and reusable materials.

We aim to do this by supporting integrated waste treatment infrastructure at municipal level. At the same time, we support local actors, involve the private sector and promote the valorisation of waste materials.

Women walking through a village in Mozambique.

Contact the Enabel team in Mozambique

Avenida Kenneth Kaunda 762
T + 258 21 48 34 53 |
Resident Representative: Laurence Janssens

News & Events


15 December 2022

Take part in our #EnablingTheFuture event

On 15 December, Enabel invites you to its first event on the theme of social innovation in its office in Brussels or online. #EnablingTheFuture

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22 November 2022

Study: Quality of Youth Corners and Youth-friendly Services and Expectations in Rwanda

This booklet presents a summary of the results of the assessment of the Quality of youth corners and other related youth-friendly services at the health centers and expectations of young people and the community. The study was conducted to assess the quality status of services offered to young people in the Youth Corners identify adolescents’/community expectations to draw recommendations and design evidence-based strategies for improvement of the ASRH services.

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22 November 2022

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health in Rwanda

The Government of Rwanda has made efforts to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health of adolescents and youth through the adoption of various policies and strategies to ensure an access to affordable and equitable services. However, the country continues to face several pressing challenges related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Read the study

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23 November 2022

Interview with Adélaïde Kourouma on Urban Entrepreneurship in Guinea

Fostering the growth of emerging Guinean businesses. Read the interview.

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A hospital in Niger. Doctor standing outside the facility, while a woman and man arrive on a motorcycle with their baby. Resources

24 August 2022

Social Health Protection – A path to fight against inequalities

Every country in the world faces the challenge of protecting its population. But how to set up social protection? Where to start? Enabel provides a roadmap based on our expertise.

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Visit to a small hydro power plant in Mozambique. Man showing people around. Resources

22 November 2022

Brochure: Belgium – Mozambique cooperation programme 2023-2028

The Belgian cooperation has been active in Mozambique for 20 years. Enabel focuses on improving the living conditions of people through close collaboration with the Mozambican public institutions, private sector, civil society and communities. Read the brochure for more information.

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