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Belgium has been cooperating with Morocco since 1965. That is nearly 60 years at the service of development in areas such as human mobility, digitalisation, gender equality and entrepreneurship, agriculture, triangular cooperation between states and participatory governance.

The 2023-2028 cooperation programme also includes initiatives to strengthen the human potential and the economic inclusion of young people and women.


We work closely with date producers in the oasis areas of Morocco (Drâa-Tafilalet, Souss-Massa and Oriental regions) to improve their incomes while taking care to preserve the fragile ecosystems concerned.

We provide long-term support throughout the value chain: upstream, by training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices; and downstream, by accompanying them in creating and managing cooperatives and Economic Interest Groups (EIGs).

Further support goes to the development of youth entrepreneurship in the oases and the use of renewable energies in date processing (storage, packaging, transformation into paste or cosmetics).

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The performance and effectiveness of the public administration is key to economic and social development. We work with Moroccan institutions to improve the way they operate and guarantee a high-quality public service for their citizens.

We are putting a strong emphasis on the digital transformation of government by facilitating training courses for civil servants (cyber security, big data, project management methods).

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Belgium supports Morocco in implementing its migration policies by sharing its experience as a country of immigration as well as by using the competencies of Moroccans living in Belgium.

The Migration Policy Management Support Programme focuses on a number of key areas, such as the economic integration of migrants, helping Moroccans living in Belgium to set up businesses in Morocco, and improving migrants’ and refugees’ access to their rights.

This global and collaborative approach aims to maximise the benefits of migration while ensuring that the rights and prosperity of migrants and society are respected.

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With a view to improving the economic inclusion of young people and women and supporting their social and financial empowerment, we elaborate with our sectoral and local partners (Ministry for Economic Inclusion, Small Businesses, Employment and Skills, National agency for employment and skills promotion, Agency for vocational training and employment promotion, universities, start-ups…) tailored support to stimulate the development of innovative private initiatives.

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Gender equality

Gender-based violence seriously undermines the dignity and fundamental rights of women and girls.

Belgium is supporting the Moroccan services concerned to improve assistance to women and girls who are victims of violence and to ensure that these victims are better informed and cared for.

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Contact the Enabel team in Morocco

Embassy of Belgium
Corner Avenue Mohammed Bel Hassan El Ouazzani and Rue Mejjat
10 170 Souissi – Rabat
T + 212 537 65 79 27  –  +212 537 65 79 28|
Resident Representative: Nicolas Oebel (ad interim)

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