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Since 2022, Enabel’s activities in Ivory Coast have been growing rapidly. We are implementing EU-funded projects in Ivory Coast in the areas of human mobility, entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture and sustainable trade

Although Ivory Coast is the world’s leading cocoa producer, it is struggling to ensure decent wages for those working in the sector. Through the European “Sustainable Cocoa” initiative, we are supporting the government of Ivory Coast to improve cocoa farmers’ incomes and meet the challenges of sustainability (deforestation, soil degradation) in the sector.

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Our initiatives aim to promote the mobility of self-employed entrepreneurs and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ivory Coast. We support these SMEs by facilitating the creation of lasting business partnerships with Belgian and European companies as well as the acquisition of new competences and the adoption of new technologies.

The project is active in four key sectors: the agro-food sector, the digital economy, the green economy, and the cultural and creative sector.

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Contact the Enabel team in Ivory Coast

Complexe Palm Club Hôtel,
Angle Blvd des Martyrs, Rue du lycée technique
Bâtiment n° 7 – 1er étage
+225 27 22 25 56 39 | representation.cotedivoire@enabel.be
Resident representative : François Kieffer ad interim

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