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Peace & Security

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Fragility, conflict and violence have a clear impact on poverty. Extreme poverty is rising only in fragile states. Sustainable development cannot be realised without peace and security and conversely, peace and security are at risk without sustainable development.

Our approach

Security sector reform, including community policing

Enabel is strongly committed to increasing the share of men and women that feel safe walking alone in the area where they live. Another objective is to increase the share of the population that is satisfied with its last experience with public security services.

Fair, accountable and inclusive justice

Fostering a reliable and accountable judicial response to people’s needs, including the most vulnerable, we evaluate success by measuring the share of victims who report their victimisation to competent authorities or other officially recognised conflict resolution mechanisms.

Citizenship and participation

Our work is aimed at improving access to citizenship, especially by strengthening and modernising the civil registries, because a legal identity is crucial for a prosperous life, and a vital start for a more balanced relation between citizens and authorities. We also contribute to citizen engagement by promoting meaningful participation of women in peace-building and by focusing on the fight against corruption.

Gender-based violence

Enabel also has expertise and experience in implementing actions on gender-based violence, including prevention, and support to victims (medical and legal aid, psycho-social support, socio-economic reintegration).

More on peace & security

The world is facing huge challenges in realising the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Enabel wants to contribute with its experience and expertise in five specific domains: Peace and Security, Climate Change and the Environment, Social and Economic Inequality, Urbanisation, and Human Mobility. In our search for adapted solutions we take into account the inevitable ongoing population explosion and we strongly believe in empowering women and youths.

This brochure describes how we address the global challenge of peace and security in our partner countries.

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