For more than 50 years, Belgium has worked with Burundi. Our work is concentrated on activities benefiting the population and civil society in the sectors of agriculture, health and education.

Agriculture and economic development

Agriculture is a key sector for the development of Burundi. It employs 90% of the active population and covers 95% of the country’s food needs. However, weak productivity, parcelled-out farming land, poor water management and product processing and preservation problems are structurally limiting agricultural growth.

Here, we provide continuous and comprehensive support to the development of the agricultural sector: hydro-agricultural works on approximately 4,000 hectares of land, support to water users, protection of the watersheds, coaching of farmers’ organisations and seed producers, processing and added-value creation of production by means of support to agricultural micro enterprises and agricultural research.
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In the provinces of Kirundo and Muramvya we support the health system’s decentralisation process, the development of adequate health staff, a quality healthcare package and community empowerment. We also support the creation of a high-performance health information system to ensure the monitoring of public health. Finally, we contribute to the improvement of the functioning of healthcare establishments (construction, equipment, IT projects, and maintenance). Since 2016, we also implement a countrywide programme for the European Union of performance-based financing of health entities.

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Burundi has undertaken a reform of basic education and vocational training. It comprises an adaptation of the education system to the country’s needs, a broadening of basic education from a 6- to a 9-year curriculum, and the organisation of vocational training through modules.

We focus on a transformation of the education programmes, teacher training and the provision of teaching and learning materials. We also work on strengthening management of schools, matching the quality of the training offer with the needs of the economy, inserting graduates on the job market and improving vocational training infrastructure.
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Contact the Enabel team in Burundi

Quartier Rohero I
Avenue du 18 Septembre
BP 6708 Bujumbura
T + 257 22 22 39 31 | representation.burundi@enabel.be
Resident Representative: Abou El Mahassine Fassi-Fihri

News & Events

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02 July 2021

Enabel takes part in multi-stakeholder project to transform Rwanda’s Eastern Province through forests and landscapes restoration

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have signed a funding agreement for the project “Transforming Eastern Province through adaptation” (TREPA) with a GCF contribution of 40 million euro and an additional 18 million euro mobilized as co-financing from the Government of Rwanda and other Project Executing Entities.

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15 September 2021

EU, Enabel and ITC to support beekeeping value chain in Tanzania

Enabel and the International Trade Centre signed a cooperation agreement for a new EU-funded project that will enhance the development of the beekeeping value chain in six regions in Tanzania and contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the East-African country.

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29 November 2022

Enabel takes a key role in European initiative to boost African Vaccine Manufacturing

As part of a Team Europe initiative, Enabel is working in a consortium of three development agencies to support the African Union achieve its goal to upgrade African vaccine production to 60% of needed vaccines in Africa by 2040.

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15 December 2022

Take part in our #EnablingTheFuture event

On 15 December, Enabel invites you to its first event on the theme of social innovation in its office in Brussels or online. #EnablingTheFuture

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22 November 2022

Study: Quality of Youth Corners and Youth-friendly Services and Expectations in Rwanda

This booklet presents a summary of the results of the assessment of the Quality of youth corners and other related youth-friendly services at the health centers and expectations of young people and the community. The study was conducted to assess the quality status of services offered to young people in the Youth Corners identify adolescents’/community expectations to draw recommendations and design evidence-based strategies for improvement of the ASRH services.

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22 November 2022

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Study on Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health in Rwanda

The Government of Rwanda has made efforts to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health of adolescents and youth through the adoption of various policies and strategies to ensure an access to affordable and equitable services. However, the country continues to face several pressing challenges related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Read the study

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