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International cooperation is a matter of partnerships.

Together with the institutions and citizens of our partner countries in Africa and the Middle East, we want to bring about change. To do so we draw on the know-how and experience of the most suitable government departments, research centres, universities, agencies, donors, NGOs, businesses or other organisations to enhance the impact and relevance of our activities.

Therefore, Enabel enters into strategic partnerships with public, private and civil society actors, using each other’s competitive advantage and respecting everyone’s principles and uniqueness to collectively achieve more sustainable results.

As the Belgian state’s implementing agency of governmental cooperation Enabel plays a key role in facilitating the Belgian government’s vision. In line with this, we are committed to strengthening our cooperation with other Belgian actors for international cooperation in a spirit of enhanced cooperation at European level.

Different types of partnerships

Public partnerships

Many government agencies have unique competences that are hard to find on the market. Enabel’s commitment to implementing governmental cooperation is centred on the public institutions of our partner countries; exchanging with peers in the context of a development project is of great value. Like a broker Enabel provides the context, relationships and follow-up for expertise that is often found only in public institutions.

Civil society partnerships

Enabel recognises the added value of the close ties that non-governmental organisations have with local civil society to support the relevance and impact of its interventions, because of their specific expertise in certain areas/niches, within their non-governmental mandate and as civil society actors in a human-rights based approach.

Strategic partnerships with Belgian, local and international civil society actors allow – within the priorities of Belgian Development Cooperation – for a better informed, longer-term, more structural and complementary pursuit of shared development objectives.

Private sector partnerships

Enabel engages in strategic partnerships with the private sector with a view to achieving synergy and complementarity and thus achieve a greater impact on the ground.

Partnerships with other EU-member states or international cooperation agencies

Enabel develops partnerships with European and international donors and development agencies to enhance the impact of Belgian and European cooperation. These partnerships strengthen our cooperation with partner countries and aim to mobilise additional financial resources and promote complementarity between European actors.

Furthermore, Enabel is a member of many networks that allow us to join forces with other actors to strengthen our clout on a particular theme.

Whom to contact for partnerships?


Does your organisation also wish to enter into a partnership with Enabel? Our Institutional Relations service will put you in touch with the most appropriate experts to further discuss partnership opportunities. .

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News & Events

young people at Station J News

22 March 2023

Station J: broadening the minds of young Palestinians

In East Jerusalem, Enabel partnered with Station J, an innovation hub, to guide young innovators and potential entrepreneurs from ideation stages to investment and job opportunities.  

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14 March 2023

Digital Technologies taking Education in Uganda to the next level

All over the world, digital technologies are becoming an integral part of the education experience. In Uganda, the introduction of ICT tools to fight teacher absenteeism in National Teacher’ Colleges has proven its worth.

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09 March 2023

Junior Programme – Looking for young talents!

Between March 9 and 23, 14 new vacancies in various sectors will be open to young talents with the European nationality.

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learning centre in Bani Zeid, Palestine News

28 February 2023

Rehabilitation of historical centres in Palestine

In the West Bank, we support the rehabilitation of historical buildings. Spotlight on Bani Zeid, a town where an old family house became a centre for children with learning disabilities.

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Is climate change adaptation all about water? Events

25 April 2023

Is climate change adaptation all about water?

On 25 and 26 April, Enabel invites you to join its debate on Climate Change adaptation and water in its office in Brussels or online.

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31 January 2023

Ruminant livestock in Mali: Nana Sangaré Dembélé’s story

To alleviate more and more frequent crop failures, Mali and its partner countries have looked for techniques that can be adopted by agro-pastoralists. Fattening is one of the techniques favoured by the interested parties. Nana shares how she is using this technique and how it offers her a more stable income.

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