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Belgium and Benin work together to improve the well-being of the Beninese population and State entities, in a spirit of partnership and shared responsibility. Our approach puts the priority on partnership, the transfer of skills, sustainability and innovation.


Despite the fact that Benin’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture, the country is not self-sufficient in terms of food. The agricultural world is challenged by problems with the availability of good quality inputs, climate variations and poor product-processing and marketing capacity.

Enabel helps Benin to improve agricultural performance, with a view to ensuring sustainable food and nutritional sovereignty, and contributing to the country’s economic and social development. Our involvement focuses on strengthening all the links in the value chain and develop the production, processing and marketing of pineapples and the cashew industry in a sustainable manner.

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Port sector

Cotonou Port is one of the largest ports on the West African coast. Enabel is supporting it with its modernisation efforts, in order to make it more efficient and more competitive.

The goal is to strengthen its competitive positioning by facilitating investment, developing the skills needed to operate the port and working on environmental issues.

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Despite the government’s efforts, malaria, anaemia and respiratory infections remain the main causes of death in Benin. HIV/AIDS remains stable (1.2%), but new diseases are emerging. These can be blamed on changes in eating habits, urbanisation and a more sedentary life style.

We intervene at every level of the health system, supporting the Ministry of Health as well as hospitals and health centres. Enabel promotes rights and access to sexual and reproductive health services. To optimise resources in the sector and ensure adequate monitoring, Enabel also provides support for the digitalization of good quality data in the health sector.

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Contact the Enabel team in Benin

Lot A1, Quartier Les cocotiers
02 BP 8118 Cotonou
T + 229 21 30 59 37 |
Resident Representative: Olivier Krins

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