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In everything we do, at all levels and without any personal advantage, we show dignity, trustworthiness, sincerity, and honesty.

When to call the integrity desk?

  • When you are confronted with an integrity issue or you are in doubt about schemes pertaining to Enabel activities. For instance, abuse of power, violation of the law, bad usage of resources, purchasing fraud, theft or embezzlement or corruption (bribes).
  • When you have questions pertaining to integrity. For instance, how to react when a supplier offers you a gift related to a public contract.

Who can call on the integrity desk?

  • Suppliers or partners of Enabel
  • Enabel staff members
  • Beneficiaries of Enabel activities

Who manages the integrity desk?

As in some other development agencies, Enabel’s integrity desk is represented by its internal audit service, an independent entity within the Enabel structure. It reports directly to the Board.

How are complaints and questions treated?



Complaints and questions are treated with the greatest confidentiality. However, they may not be notified anonymously. We must be able to contact the complainant in order to obtain possible additional information. Enabel shall not tolerate retaliation against staff members or other parties who, in good faith, have expressed concerns or who have helped with investigations.



The complaints and questions management system is independent of Enabel’s ICT structure. Only the members of the integrity desk have access to the forms filled out or the files and emails sent.



We immediately acknowledge receipt of the integrity questions or problems that have been notified to us and we register them. We inform about the follow-up that will be given to the questions and problems as well as about possible actions taken.


Contact our integrity desk at:

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