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Burkina Faso has been a partner of the Belgian cooperation since 2015. As part of the 2019-2023 partnership, Belgium will provide structural support for social inclusion and sustainable economic development in the country’s East-Central region.


To improve the competitiveness of rural and urban businesses, and to create more decent jobs, Enabel is promoting inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship. The aim is to encourage the emergence and consolidation of small and medium-sized businesses in the green economy, agribusiness and small-scale production.

The project ensures that producer organisations are included in value chains and seeks to diversify financial services and make them more appropriate to support business creation and development. Enabel is also rehabilitating economic infrastructure and building rural roads to improve accessibility to some areas of the region.

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These activities are aimed at strengthening security of the region, notably by building and equipping police stations operated by authorities in areas that currently lack internal security forces. Enabel will help identify priorities for local security plans and assist with collaboration between internal security forces and the local communities.

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She decides

This is a campaign with promotion of family planning and suppression of violence against women and girls as the central theme. To empower women and girls to exercise their rights, it is crucial for them to be able to access high-quality information on the various health-related aspects.

Enabel is supporting local authorities in taking the necessary measures to strengthen sexual and reproductive rights.

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Building digital capacity

Enabel is enhancing the innovative and digital skills of entrepreneurs, young people and adults, to can get them more involved in the region’s socio-economic development.

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Contact the Enabel team in Burkina Faso

417 Avenue KWAME N’KRUMA (opposite restaurant le Coq bleu)
2nd floor of the Integrated Development Authority Building of the Liptako-Gourma Region
BP 138 
T + 226 25 33 31 54  | representation.bfa@enabel.be
Resident Representative: Danny Denolf

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