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What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on the hard drive of an internet user’s device. Cookies are not active executable programs and consequently pose no risk to your system. uses cookies to optimise your browsing experience and adapt its website to your desires and preferences. You may refuse these cookies to be installed, yet in that case certain features may be limited or unavailable.

If you further pursue your visit to our website without changing your cookies configuration or without explicitly accepting cookies, we consider the installation of cookies to be accepted by you.

The cookies used by Enabel are not of a commercial nature and register no personal data. The cookies are used for facilitating your browsing experience. A visit will consequently not require personal parameters such as language, screen parameters, a login… to be given upon every visit.

The cookies (Google Analytics) are also used to monitor web surfing habits of users, pages visited and frequency of visits, how the site is found and how much time is spent on the site. Based on this information the website may be adapted to better respond to the interests and needs of its users for instance by providing useful customised information.


Which cookies are used on this website?

  • Functional cookies: These cookies can retain user preferences for a particular website, allowing those preferences to be used in future browsing sessions.
  • Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to measure the user’s browsing experience, via which channels the site attracts its users, which search terms are used when browsing the site, etc.

Change the configuration of the cookies

Do you want to change the configuration of the cookies, or delete them? That is possible. Click on the link to find out how:

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