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Belgium and Palestine have been working together since 1997. During the first decade, most of the resources went to infrastructure projects. Over the years this evolved into policy and governance support.


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Enabel works on education with an emphasis on 21st century skills development, and support to local government.


The Palestinian Authority has established an Educational Developmental Strategic Plan to improve the quality of education. Belgium supports different components of this plan. Our interventions are located in the West bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza.

We improve school infrastructure and create a healthy and safe educational environment, following child and environment-friendly principles. We also aim at supporting reforms and new policies in education with a specific focus on 21st century skills development.

Local Governance

The Palestinian Authority is reforming the local government system to strengthen the territorial administration and to improve service delivery and local development.

We support the decentralisation efforts by strengthening the smaller local government units into more sustainable and effective structures. In addition, Belgium supports institutional development and contributes to the financing of a joint donor-funded Municipal Development Programme. We also contribute to the economic regeneration of historical centres of local municipalities.

Private sector

Enabel has been implementing an EU-financed project supporting new economic initiatives in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. By means of the incubation methodology, new, innovative enterprises have been created and financially supported during their start-up period. We are also setting up a project targeting micro-enterprises and initiatives for a green and circular economy
Enabel implements projects in the Palestine, primarily in the domains of education and local governance.
Enabel in Palestine


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