The health sector is traditionally very important for the Belgian Development Cooperation. Healthy people are more likely to participate in the economy and therefore contribute to the development of their country.


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Developing an efficient and sustainable health system which ensures quality health care for all.

Access to primary health care for the poorest

We improve the quality of care in the health centres and decentralised small hospitals which are often located in rural areas. Similarly, we help to increase geographical access by building and equipping health infrastructures.

Financing health care services

We work on developing health care insurance based on mutual insurance system This is essential to guarantee the population's access to health care.

Assisting health ministries

We assist health ministries in developing a network of functional health entities and we support them in their role as organ that sets the standards, controls the quality and finances the healthcare services.

Developing staff competences

We work to ensure the ongoing training and specialisation of health executives, including hospital management, decentralisation of surgical skills, etc.


Good Human Resources management is an essential, but often forgotten, part of qualitative service delivery. Read more about how we work towards  this in Ugandan hospitals and schools.
In Niger access to health care in rural areas is limited. That is why it is necessary to invest in bringing health infrastructure and equipment to those remote villages.
Financing health care – More than 100,000 people covered by health insurance in Senegal.
Health, a priority sector in eleven countries in Africa and Latin America.
We help rural healthcare centres but also ministries in the capital.
Paul Bossyns - Coordinator Health unit


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